Dr. Jim Flatley

Dr. James P. Flatley 

Dr. Jim Flatley is a comprehensive dentist with 37 years experience in virtually all phases of general dentistry.  He practiced dentistry in the US Navy for 23 years and is a retired Captain. Favorite assignments include Pearl Harbor, Annapolis, Puerto Rico, Charleston, Jacksonville, and of course... Orlando, where he also served as the Naval Dental Center’s Executive Officer.

Jim attended Marquette University School of Dentistry (Milwaukee) and Regis College (Denver).  He also holds an MS in Healthcare Administration from the University of North Florida.  He began his Navy career with a 1-year general practice dental residency at Great Lakes Naval Hospital and later attended the Navy Postgraduate Dental School (Bethesda, MD) for a 1- year residency in advanced clinical dentistry.

Dr. Flatley has a unique dental family.  His father and grandfather were dentists in his hometown of Kenosha, WI. Dr. Flatley's wife, Pam, was a dental hygienist.  He has a sister who is also a hygienist and she is also married to a dentist.  Another sister is a dental assistant in Wisconsin.  Dr. Flatley's stepmother was a hygienist - her late husband was a dentist, as are her two sons.  At family functions, members of the clan try not to talk about dentistry, if at all possible!  The Flatleys have twins who are grown and pursuing careers outside of dentistry.

Dr. Flatley serves as a member of the Board of Directors for The Dental Society of Greater Orlando and is a delegate to the Florida Dental Association.  He is also a member of the district, state and national dental associations.

Jim enjoys snow skiing, tennis and church activities.  He especially enjoys volunteering for local and international dental missions.

Dr. Flatley and his partner, Dr. Garcia, are good buddies who genuinely enjoy working together, collaborating on complex dental cases, or just meeting for lunch.